Netgear Circle with Disney App: Control Kids’ Online Screen Time

Netgear Routers are currently the best in the industry due to their extensive range and their unique features. With its products, Netgear intelligently tries to reach all customers. Whether you need routers for corporate offices or simple residential needs, Netgear always has something in store for you.

The Netgear Circle with Disney App is one such innovation by Netgear for families with Kids. almost every parent complains about kids using the internet too much, and nowadays, there is a lot of sensitive stuff online that you wouldn’t want your kids to see.

That’s why Netgear partnered with Circle to provide you in-depth monitoring and parental control for your home internet. With Netgear Circle, you get a lot of benefits when it comes to home internet security. Take a look.

Basic Features of Netgear Circle

Netgear Circle offers its basic features for free. So once, you set up your Netgear Circle, you can directly use the basic features like Ad Block, Safe Search, Filter, History, add profiles, etc. These basic features allow you to control and secure your kid’s internet usage directly from your smartphone. So you can know what your children are watching and control their activity no matter where you are. While this is essential enough, the real magic lies in its premium features.

Premium Features

Netgear Circle with Disney App offers several intelligent features in its premium subscription package. These features include,

  1. Bedtime: With this feature, you can set your Bedtime, and the Wi-Fi will automatically turn to sleep mode on time.
  2. Time Limit: The Time Limit section allows you to set usage timing for your kids so that they don’t overuse the internet when you are away. You can the timer for an hour or two with your smartphone, and the Netgear router will limit the usage time accordingly.
  3. Usage: This section allows you to monitor internet usage remotely. You can closely monitor what your kids are watching and plan your future time limits and off times accordingly. You can also restrict access to a site if you see that your children are overusing it.
  4. Manage Connections: Netgear Circle allows you to add multiple profiles and customize each of them separately. You can also set different settings for different connections, all just from your smartphone.

Two In One Benefits

If you need all these Circle features on another router, you will need a separate Home Circle Device. So, you would have to invest in a router and a Circle device. However, with Netgear, you get the features of both devices in one. Just get one Circle compatible Netgear Router, set it up, and that’s it.

How to Set Up Netgear Circle with Disney App?

Well, the setup is really easy. Once you have got your Circle-compatible Netgear device, you can follow these steps to setup up Circle with Disney App.

  1. Setup your Netgear router and complete the configuration on
  2. Connect your smartphone to the Netgear Wi-Fi system
  3. Once done, download the Disney App on your smartphone from the relevant application store
  4. Launch the application and click on “Get Started
  5. Follow the directions on the screen and then click “Enable Circle” and Circle will be activated on your Netgear Router.
  6. You can now add a profile and update the required settings for your kids.

And that’s it.


Ensuring a safe space on the internet for your children has become a necessity, especially when there is a lot of sensitive and unsafe content online. So, if you have children at home, there is no doubt that you need to have Netgear Circle With Disney App. It is currently the best parental control system for home internet, with its supreme quality, intelligence, and performance. And an additional benefit is that Circle also offers rewards and gifts for premium subscriptions.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself Netgear Circle now and ensure top-class online safety for your children.

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