Where to Place the Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender?

Netgear’s range of WiFi extenders is currently the best in the industry. From the powerful 6Gbps to the budget-friendly 750 Mbps, Netgear’s WiFi extenders cover all sorts of residential and corporate requirements. So now you can easily get your WiFi coverage wherever you need it.

However, to ensure a seamless connection, the location of the Wi-Fi extender has to be appropriate. So, if you are having problems accessing the internet even after buying a Netgear WiFi Range Extender, the problem may be in the location of your Wi-Fi extender.

Here are a few tips that will help.

1) Place the Wi-Fi Extender In The Middle Of The Router And The Device

The first thing to check is whether the position of your WiFi extender is in the middle. If the router is far from the Wi-Fi extender the internet quality may suffer. Similarly, if the extender is far from the computer, it may not be able to detect the connection. So, the best option is to place the Wi-Fi extender in such a way that it is at equal distances from the router and the device.

2) Maintain a Clear Line of Sight

A Wi-Fi extender can surely extend the router connection across multiple rooms. However, for best performance, you must try to place the extender in a clear line of sight with the router, and the computer as well. Having walls or other obstructions in between may create distortions in your network availability.

3) Maintain Distance from Large Electronic Devices

Large electronic devices may emit radio waves that interfere with the WiFi connection transmitted and received by the WiFi extender. Therefore, you must remember to place the Wi-Fi extender far from large electronic devices.

4) Keep the WiFi Extender in an Elevated Location

The best option is to mount your WiFi extender on a wall. Netgear’s WiFi extenders have a unique design compatible with wall mounting. So, you will have no trouble getting the Wi-Fi Extender mounted on an elevated position. From an elevated position, the Wi-Fi extender will be free from interferences, and therefore, you will get a better connection.

5) Purchase a Powerful WiFi Range Extender

If you are having connection issues despite following all the above steps, the best option is to upgrade your Wi-Fi range extender with a more powerful extender. Netgear offers a wide range of Wi-Fi range extenders starting from 750 Mbps to up to 6 Gbps. So, you can upgrade your WiFi extender according to your needs. For offices, where several computers are connected to the same router, you need to have the 6Gbps extender for maximum connectivity. And for small residential settings, a 750 Mbps or 1.2 Gbps connection would be sufficient.


And that brings us to the end of our interesting discussion on where to place the Netgear Wi-Fi range extender for maximum speed. Following the above steps will surely improve the internet speed. However, if you have any more queries, you can contact us directly, and our expert will be glad to provide personalized assistance for you.